Sunday, 4 March 2012

Introducing Technique Noidust

Last week I met a very interesting young man. He was hiding in an alley between two buildings with nothing to differentiate him from the usual lurkers and creepers but a small Mic poking out of his jacket. After a quick double-take to make sure it was not some type of weapon, I approached him and asked what he was recording. Initially he looked like he wanted to run but as the alley was blocked at one end and I was now covering the other he simply said "music".

I decided I needed to buy this guy a coffee so I explained that I also make music from the sound of cities and asked if he would join me for a chat. He reluctantly agreed and we spent the next few hours discussing music, sampling, noises and Star Wars. Suddenly I could see that he was becoming impatient and nervous and after checking his phone for the fiftieth time, he announced that he had to leave and as he did so, he thrust a CD in to my hand and ran (literally) off into the city. What I heard on the CD was nothing short of inspirational. A textured mass of sounds and noises woven into 11 tracks of musical wonderment.
Written on the CD was only a phone number and the words "Technique Noidust", so I gave the number a call and left a message with details of my TRNZ projects, my website address and email and asking him if he might be interested in collaborating in the future.
To be honest I didn't really expect any response but this morning I received an email which read as follows:

"Hey Man. Checked your TRNZ and it sounds wicked! I'd be up for collaborating with you but I find it very difficult to work with others as I am quite shy and not very good at talking to people. I would be up for doing a remix of your TRNZ projects though if you can send me the recordings you have made on your travels? Thanks for the coffee. T N"

This got me thinking. There are 2 new TRNZ eps about to drop, one of which is a return to Cambodia (where the TRNZ project originally began) and I had thought that doing another from the same place may not be in the spirit of the project, at least so soon since I recorded the last one so I contacted my new found friend and asked him that if he had time, was inclined to do so and if I sent him my latest batch of field recordings from Cambodia, if he wouldn't mind producing a 5 track EP and become part of my ongoing TRNZ adventure. His response was quite simply "Yes! Send me the sounds and I'll have it finished in a week".

And so here we are, welcoming a new friend to the Open Sauce family and another international, audio explorer to TRNZ.

Thank for joining us Technique Noidust and we look forward to hearing your music.

Technique Noidust - TRNZ: Cambodia 0.2 will be available very soon....

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