Monday, 5 December 2011


The second in a series of "TRNZ:" EPs is out now.

For this instalment we travelled to mainland China and the city of Beijing where we experienced an exploding art and music movement as well as the more traditional markets, busy streets, pollution and unique chaos.
Once again, with The SRK on sound recording duties, Man One produced music to reflect the atmosphere, people and experiences we encountered, and thanks to the guys over at Tiger Beer and their Tiger Translate project, this new EP is available to download FREE!

From Man One:

"A massive shout to all the people, bands, writers, stall holders, chefs and performers we met (and recorded) in Beijing. Also a huge thanks to Tiger Beer and everyone at Tiger Translate for believing in this project and making it available for you all to hear.
My personal thanks to Shaz & Ryo at The SRK for the sounds. My man Don Grizzly and all Open Sauce crew world wide and Pablo Cartel for his help, advise and friendship. I hope you enjoy this EP as much as I did making it and thanks for taking the time to check it out. M"

Listen to TRNZ: Beijing below or click HERE to download the full EP + artwork

You can also listen and download TRNZ: Cambodia Here

About TRNZ:

A series of EPs containing original music produced with and inspired by the sounds of countries and cities around the world.
Using minimal elements and produced in very short sessions, TRNZ: recordings are an instant audio reflection of the world around us.