Sunday, 10 July 2011


Earlier this year myself and Shazeed from The SRK had the idea of recording sound from various countries around the world and turning them into new music inspired by the places we'd traveled to. With no real plan or idea where we would use the music, Shazeed sent me a bunch of recordings from Cambodia and with them I produced 5 tracks in 2 days. Some of these tracks have appeared in SRK productions (you can watch them below) and after letting the dust settle and listening to the collection of tracks again a little while later, we thought, why not release all this material as an EP? So TRNZ: was created.

TRNZ: A series of EPs containing original music produced with and inspired by the sounds of countries and cities around the world.
Using minimal elements and produced in very short sessions, TRNZ: recordings are an instant audio reflection of the world around us.

Download TRNZ: Cambodia FREE here

Next TRNZ: Indonesia

SRK productions featuring music from TRNZ: Cambodia

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